The Fast Draft Part Five: Write Your Book In 30 Days Or Less!

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You're ready. This is what all of your hard work over the past couple of weeks has led up to. You have a solid outline and story plot that will guide you through your writing process. Having these two crucial things will also help combat writer's block. Yes, the creative constipation that you feel also known as writer's block is simply because you don't know which way to turn. A good outline helps get you back on track when your creative thoughts get lost.

The characters in your story are all mapped out and they've already started making appearances in your everyday thoughts. You have al the pieces that you need. It's time to put them all together.

  1. Buy your favorite type or notebook or pad to write on. Get something that you feel good about writing in. You'll be surprised how much that helps with creativity. The same thing goes with your writing tool of choice. Just as a painter needs the right brushes you as a writer need the best materials to create your art. Note: I suggest you write our your first draft by hand to keep from being distracted by social media or the internet.
  2. Go through the steps I lay out in Finding Time To Write When You  Have No Time and commit to writing every single day until you get your book finished. No days off! 
  3. Write five to seven handwritten pages (front and back) each day at minimum. You should be able to fit 200 to 250 words on each page. At that rate you can get in 1,250 words of writing each day. If you do that every day for 10 days that's 12,500 words. Only 25,000 qualifies as a short story or novella. You can get that done in 20 days! Writing 1,665 words every day for 30 days will give you  a full length novel.
People always ask me how to write a book. It's so cute how they look at me with innocent curiosity in their eyes hoping that I reveal some enlightening secret. There isn't one.

There is no other way to write a book than to simply sit your ass down and write it. That's it.

When I wrote my first Amazon bestseller No Sister Of Mine I was determined. I'd be sitting at parties or at the dinner table with my laptop typing my juicy little fingers way. Nothing could stop me from getting my book done.

Get your tools and schedule together and get to writing! I'll check up on you in a little bit.

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