How To Kill Creative Constipation

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I was reading one of the always insightful emails sent to me by Alex Wolfe (Don't know who she is? You ought to be ashamed, girl!) and she was talking about taking a creative dump. It got me thinking...

There's this series I wrote a while back called No Sister Of Mine that I've been holding hostage for the past three years almost. It was my most successful series. Made me a ton of money and hit the top of the Amazon bestseller's list. All of this I made happen on my own! You would think that I'd be super proud of this release right? WRONG! I got a lot of bad reviews on the series and it made me take the books down. I knew I was a better writer than my critics saw and I was determined to prove it to them. So I decided to edit the series and re-release it. Unfortunately, release day never came.

It's been an ongoing revision process and I've only released one story since. I realized that I was paralyzed in my moment of failure even though No Sister Of Mine  was a commercial success. I knew that if I was to move on from that horrid feeling I'd have to let my story go and move on from it.

I felt like someone died. I just could leave my story on my hard drive to die. That's where Alex's email came in. The creative dump was a necessary evil that I had to go through. In his Behind The Music rockumentary Lil' Wayne talked about how he had a creative epiphany after doing a creative dump. He went through his notebook and recorded everything he had written down. When he put it on wax, he tore out the pages the lyrics were written on. He's been able to go in the studio and produce at his highest level ever since.

In a split second I put the No Sister Of Mine series back up for download. Immediately after that I had a great idea for an opening scene for my next book!

Have you ever felt stuck in your creative process? Are you afraid to let go of a passion project that you know you should release? What about the endless revision? If you are feeling any of that I suggest that you strongly take a creative dump! Alex can teach you how. Just read THIS. Also, if you wanna check out the cringe worthy No Sister Of Mine series along with my other works head over to and click on the Books page.


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