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Hi, beautiful! I'm Rashida, blogger over at reallyrashida.com and urban fiction author of four Amazon Best Sellers. I've had success (and plenty of failure) over the years as both a published and self-published author since 2012. I self-published my first book with no help and zero dollars in the budget. Then after my first publishing deal ended horribly, I was able to save my struggling career thanks to my ability to publish and market myself. I want to give you that same gift.

Here in The Powder Room For Writers, I strive to give women writers of color just like me an ongoing educational experience you won't find anywhere else. You'll get audios, videos, classes, and much more you can use to take your writing brand to the next level. New info will be added every week so make sure you join our email club and stay up to date on new content.

Connect with me with me any time by emailing info@reallyrashida.com or following me on Instagram and sending me a mention. I'm open to any comments or suggestions you may have. :)

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