The Fast Draft Part Four: Discipline!

3:00 PM

If you're reading this post you better have the homework from days one, two, and three complete. If not... Girl! What is going on with you?!

You cannot continue to take your writing career lightly. There is no better time to get your shit together and your book done than now!

Did you know that you can make six figures a year as a self published author? If you don't believe me check out this story about  a London author who's making $450,000 a year from Amazon.

Think about that last time you had to tell your kids no because you couldn't afford to buy them something. The bills that taunt you every single month. Remember how jealous you felt seeing vacation photos on Facebook for trips you couldn't dream being able to go on?

Imagine how many people you could be a blessing to if you just do the work!

Professionals work when they're sick, tired, frustrated, broke and even injured. The same thing goes for writers. You get up and you earn your paycheck regardless. It's the hustler's spirit, honey. You need to channel yours!

Take a few days to catch up on the previous parts The Fast Draft Series now. Not later!

Be ready for part five!

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