so what you wrote a book! can you sell it?

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One thing that authors usually realize too late is that the real money in publishing is not in writing the book. Of course, the book must be written and it must be good but the real money comes from selling the book. More than ever, whether publishing traditionally or self-publishing, writers are having to market their own books.

Urban literature superstar Miasha knew this right away when she entered the publishing arena in 2006. Known for her genius marketing campaigns and extravagant book release parties, Miasha has made a name for herself in the book business. Now, she is sharing her secrets of success with other aspiring and established authors.

 Inside So What You Wrote a Book, Can You Sell It? Miasha gives marketing and promotions strategies that are guaranteed to generate buzz and ultimately sales for your books. From how to get over 1000 attendees to your book release party to how to be everywhere at once, Miasha exposes her very own tactics that have made her a national best seller.

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